The magic called Childhood !!

” And everyday, every hour, I wish I could go back to my childhood…

….Only to realize that a kid somewhere always brings it back to me.”

“A smile that gives birth to millions of smiles….” – SAVE THE GIRL CHILD


The Final Touch

“We take almost 5 days to prepare one idol” says Kamla Ben, responding to my inquisitiveness about the numerous grand, colourful and artistic idols of Ganpati (Lord Ganesha) outside her house. With a shy smile on her face she asks me if I’m from a newspaper. I say I’m not, but she shows no sign of disappointment, and continues to showcase the piece of art. Another craftsman, Deepak says “We have been making these idols for generations now, and it’s been over 140 yrs since our great grandfathers migrated from Rajasthan and settled here”. I humbly ask him if I could take his picture while working, and he readily agrees. On seeing the photo on the LCD screen of the camera, he finds it dark and asks me to open the flash and change the settings. This time I get a much better picture. Happy about it, he offers me tea and chats for almost 20 minutes, sharing about his family, his part-time job as a gardener, and his pet eagle ‘Shera’

Like Deepak and Kamla Ben, one can find number of other craftsmen at the Gulbai Tekri (Better known as Hollywood) area of Ahmedabad, who start their work at 7 in the morning and keep working till late night. Ganesh Chaturthi is the time for which they keep working whole year, and now that the festival is approaching, the work load for them is very high. Yet, being really excited over the upcoming festival, they do not shoo away any stranger with a 2 kg camera on its shoulder trying to distract them from their work but are really friendly and welcome anyone with a big smile.

With Ganesh Chaturthi heading up over the next week, I couldn’t find a better theme but to capture these highly talented craftsmen giving final touches to the their Lord Ganesha Idols.

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The Crown


The Sacred Thread

Wondering what they are? Millions of threads tied around the bark and the branches of tree. You can find this on almost every tree located around a temple in India. It’s said that people tie these thread around the trees in order to get their wishes fulfilled . On a recent trip to Nakoda Ji (A Jain temple in Rajasthan), we stopped at one of the smaller temples and found this. I am not really sure of whether the wishes get fulfilled or not, but I definitely got some pictures and memories to keep as a collection, something that I would cherish for a long time.




Spotted these neatly arranged tabled at one of the restaurants in Pune. As good as the arrangement was, so was the food. The dim light only added to the light mood of the place. Couldn’t resist myself from clicking it.



Spotted an old staircase outside one of the houses in the old city of Ahmedabad. One can come across numerous such staircases while going on a tour of the old city of Ahmedabad.


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